Krafty Bits and bobs by shelley, shelley dickison

Hi, I’m Shelley from Krafty Bits and Bobs by Shelley. After living all over the world, we decided to make Coastal NC our home and have been settled here since 1998. After creating unique gifts for friends and family I decided to take the plunge into opening my own business about 4 years ago. I enjoy the challenge of creating personalized one of a kind Decorative Drinkware and Home items which include tumblers and wine glasses, signs and wall art. I also make T-shirt’s and recently started making onesie/tutu outfits for infants. I am currently dabbling in vegan earrings and bows with some other fun items in the mix. I have a Facebook store called @Krafty Bits and Bobs by Shelley and have been at the Salty Air Open Market for a few years and have found a home in the “Red Building”. I also have a selection of tumblers at The Boro Girls Boutique.


kreated by kymm, kymm lankford

Hi. My name is Kymm Lankford and my business is KreatedbyKymm. I am the sole creator but occasionally my husband Stu will help me sell my items. I make all kinds of ceramic fun! From child sized tea sets, vases, butter dishes, platters, baby shoes to one of a kind decorative items. I love to do custom work and especially love to personalize my creations.

I can be found on FB at http://facebook.com/kreatedbykymm, Instagram at http://instagram.com/kreatedbykymm, and my online shop is http://madewithlovebykymm.etsy.com.

I am a new vendor at the market and I am so excited to be a part of it! I live in the Star Hill area of Cape Carteret. We moved here when my husband retired from the Marine Corps coming up on 2 years ago. I have five grown children and 8 grandchildren and I also have two younger children who keep me busy everyday! Jacob is 6 and Madison is almost 2. I like to think they are keeping me younger. They are my full time *job* but if and when I have any free time I'm usually covered in clay. Creating is what I love to do.

I am really looking forward to becoming a part of the Salty Air Open Market. I look forward to becoming a part of this community!.


breezes delight, Terri byerly and caitlin byerly

We specialize in Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Keto baked goods cakes, cookies, pies and breads. We have been selling at Salty Air Open Market for the last 9 months.

Breezes resides in Jacksonville NC after traveling all the way from Florida with a vision and a dream. We were not always a Gluten Free Bakery. We emerged from being a gluten loving adventure into gluten not being our friend. Our vision and dreams sat on the shelf until one day I realized that my passion was baking. How could I turn this passion into being a rocket scientist with learning how temperamental gluten free baking would be? After many failed attempts, almost ready to throw in the towel. I pushed forward and dragged out all of my beloved old tattered recipes and through trial and error Breezes became Breezes Delight Gluten Free. We pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients, catering to our wonderful clients and their many food sensitivities allowing us all that one little bite of heaven.

You can find us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Breezes-Delight-299336593492371/


grown up gummies, Sean and tracy morgan

We make a gummie candy that has wine in it. We have been vendors since August 2017. We do many events around ENC. Our Facebook account is always updated with where we will be next: https://www.facebook.com/winegummies.net/


A TO Z Essentials, joy vunk

My name is Joy. I am the owner and soap artisan of A to Z essentials bath and body products. I pride myself in high quality, handcrafted products. I use high quality materials to create soaps and bath bombs. I also make activated charcoal coconut oil base toothpaste that is aluminum free. I make seasonal items as well as carry some gifts from coffee cups to tshirts.
I have been a vendor at the Salty Air Open Market since 2016 and am currently the Market Manager. My products are also sold at The Foundry and at Colton's Boutique in Jacksonville, NC. You can follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/atozessentialsbathproducts/

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Crystal Coast Mining, Ron and Dianne Faulkner

We are Dianne and Ron Faulkner, and we own and operate CRYSTAL COAST MINING! We have been at the Salty Air Open Market going on 4 years now. We have been inside the General Store, but this year we are moving to a spot outside on the East side of the Market. We will still offer the same material and services as we always have, at what we have been told are extremely reasonable prices. These items include rough stones, display pieces, collectors pieces, jewelry, and the one thing that started our whole adventure: Gemstone Mining! When we moved to the Raleigh area in 2001, where I worked as an Electrician, we went to the State Fair where they had a mining sluice set up, and Dianne was hooked. We moved to Hubert in approximately 2012, and we realized that to go mining, you had to drive approximately 5 hrs one way, and thought we should offer it at the coast. We started out doing birthday parties, and progressed every year till we are where we are today. During that process, we have retired, and we have learned to cut stones and set them in settings or wire wrap them!
We also have a Facebook group, where we post new items, discounts, events and other news. You can also find a link to sign up for our newsletter. We try not to send more than 2 a month. You can also buy from the group. We work hard to find the best deals, and pass those deals along to you. Just go to www.facebook.com/groups/crystalcoastmining.



Usborne Books & More is a division of Educational Development Corporation (EDC), a well-established company that has twice been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of The 200 Best Small Companies in America and three times by Fortune Magazine as one of America’s 100 Fastest Growing Small Companies, and has been in existence for over 30 years.

My family of four moved to eastern North Carolina due to PCS Orders and after 12 years as a military family we wanted to settle and stay in Jacksonville due to their sense of community and family friendly environment. I decided to be a consultant for UBAM as I fell in love with my children’s faces looking at their first shine a light. One of my kids is special needs and finds wonder and safety in the millions of universes books can provide. My youngest on the other hand struggles with reading but Usborne activity books have encouraged her curiosity and helped her improve her reading level. As a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer my profession has given me the gateway to provide fundraising and books for health facilities and families in need. To me and my family UBAM is more than just a business, it has been a blessing, empowering us in our social, mental, emotional and financial struggles. Because a small business has a human machinery, every sale carries heart and connections beyond just a product. You can find me online at:https://f7393.myubam.com/


fly me away creations, angela wilder

Hi! I’m Angela Wilder. I am a creative Artist that uses nature as my inspiration for creating my unique items! I have an Etsy shop, FlyMeAwayCreations that I bring out to the Salty Air Open Market at least two to three times a month. My husband, Chris also helps out at the market and with my shop. We have three children and live in Hubert, NC. My shop has a unique tool (3D printer) which helps me create items that can be a social spotlight in any room! I create unique planters for succulents or air plants. I am inspired by nature every day and being blessed by living near the ocean gives me the opportunity to find treasures to bring into my shop! I try to be creative in my designs for each planter by creating unique items that are from my childhood memories or from nature and animals! FlyMeAwayCreations has been a vendor since October, 2017 at the market and we enjoy working along with the other vendors and meeting new and exciting shoppers each time we are there. This year, our shop will be joining the market, and also trying a few vendor events within the community. Anyone can find the shop by following the link, which directs you right to the Etsy online shop. www.flymeawaycreations.com this is where you can see all the different items that I create. Also, the shop is on Instagram, Facebook, and our blog: www.instagram.com/flymeawaycreations https://www.facebook.com/flymeawaycreations; www.flymeawaycreations.blog



I started out in search for that fresher cup of coffee. Almost three years later that thought and desire turned into the business slogan " For A Fresher Cup Of Coffee." What's In A Name?: From roasting my first several batches of coffee on an open fire in a cast iron skillet in the backyard, I was an Edison dozens of times until I got it down. I ended up with too much coffee (like there is such a thing?) So as I do with my garden, I started to share it with friends. A couple months later the phone started ringing. “So and so tried the coffee at so and so's house” that was a mutual friend, that I blessed with some of my experimental coffee.

Not knowing the first thing about selling, nor running a business, I searched online to see what other small batch, artisan coffee roasters were pricing their coffee at. “Wow! That's some steep prizes!” I thought to myself. I wanted to roast gourmet coffee, that a blue collar worker like myself could enjoy, and afford. I told my wife Sara, "I think I have something here, what should I call it?" She replied, "How about Croatan Coffee?" With the Croatan National Forest surrounding 3/4 of my property where the Genesis happened, armed with a sharpie marker, on a brown paper bag filled with hand roasted coffee, the first bag was sold.

August 2019 will be our 3rd year as a small business. With 15 stores we are providing to Piggly Wiggly, IGA, as well as several "mom & pop" stores in addition to online sales. We have filled orders to 23 states and to Israel! Tourism has brought this business success as well as local support, connecting with the name Croatan, and the label stating "Proudly Roasted In Maysville, NC” We roast on a fluid bed roaster, (clean heat). The business has extended to our Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Cart, that we set up at events and festivals, and our little kiosk coffee shop located in the General Store at The Salty Air Open Market in Cedar Point. We are truly thankful, and humbled by the growth, support, and customer base we have developed. With so many other options to choose from, we have no words to describe the feeling but humble and thankful. - Jason Pearce: Owner, Roast Master croatancoffee.com Croatan Coffee Roasting Company Inc. a veteran owned business.

Croatan Coffee Roasting Company Inc., P.O. Box 190, Maysville, NC 28555

croatancoffee.com / 910-381-6864



Patrick Finn started life as the son of a Marine Corps officer. His father Robert came from a farming family in Illinois. While serving in the Marine Corps, Robert was stationed at Camp Lejeune in Onslow County. Robert learned about commercial fishing and used gill nets and shrimp trawls to bring in additional income to support his family of six. Pat was about 9 when he started fishing with his father. Robert taught Pat everything he knew about fishing. It is in his blood and he loves the life! Pat has now been fishing for over 50 years. He gillnets for fish, trawls for shrimp, rakes for clams, and uses crab pots to catch fresh crabs. Throughout his life he has been a deck hand, a captain, as well as a lone fisherman. Pat has witnessed tremendous changes in the commercial fishing regulations. With the growing mountain of regulations, he has seen it become increasingly difficult to earn a living via commercial fishing. In learning all that he knows, Pat realized he needed to change his methods. In addition to selling at the fish houses, he obtained a dealer’s license and started selling his catch to the public. In 2012 he set up the stand that he now calls White Oak River Seafood. It is located at the Salty Air Open Market in Cedar Point. His business has grown from a humble pop-up tent to multiple metal buildings. In addition to the fresh NC seafood he sells, Pat recently expanded his business to include fresh fruit and vegetables. He calls his business a family affair. Pat’s long-term partner Elaine Davis, their children, as well as their friends have been instrumental in supporting him in his endeavor. You can keep up with White Oak River Seafood on facebook www.facebook.com/whiteoakriverseafood and on twitter www.twitter.com/WhiOakRivSeafoo


Knotical Design Crafts, Jelle tamminga & Shana tamminga

We offer netted jars, bottles, turkshead coasters, bracelets, napkin rings, monkey fist key chains.

Facebook page www.facebook.com/knoticaldesigncrafts

We are new vendors to Salty Air Open Market this season. We also plan to sell some products at the Seaside gift shop in Harkers Island and the Davis General Store in Davis.

My lovely wife, our daughter, and myself are living in Morehead City. We moved to coastal NC in 2016, after visiting the area several times and falling in love with the area. We traded the mountains of North GA for the waters of the Crystal Coast. My interest in the craft that I am doing goes back many years and has everything to do with my background as a sailor. Knot tying is an important skill for a sailor and it always had my interest because of the fact that most knots are practical but also can serve a decorative purpose. 

Currently my day time job is Pro Services Specialist at Lowe's in Morehead City.



We are a mobile Latino style food truck based out of Jacksonville, specializing in empanadas(beef, beef and cheese, chicken bacon ranch), Cuban sandwiches, yellow rice with ham and olives.. and much more. We also cater!

We have been serving at the Salty Air Open Market for the last three years.

I am a former Marine and a retired law enforcement officer with Jacksonville Police Department.

You can find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jaimesempanadas/



At Fun Fashions we offer Ginger Snap style Jewelry which is Snap jewelry with interchangeable snap buttons in hundreds of designs that go on a snap base. Snap bases come on bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, key chains, and many other items. We also have fresh water oysters with cultured pearls. All oysters are guaranteed to have a pearl in them. Fresh water oysters pearls are not perfectly round - they are oblong or tear dropped shaped pearls or you might get one that is almost round in shape. The price of our oysters depends on the cage you want and you will also receive a chain of your choice. Our chains are sterling silver or stainless steel.   

We have been a part of Salty Air Open Market for one year and are permanent vendors so you can find us there every weekend.

You can also find us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Funfashions1/

We reside in Jacksonville, NC. I was a direct sales consultant barely making any money. One day my daughter who was also a consultant under me decided that we could order directly from manufacturers and skip the middle man to give our customers affordable fashion jewelry at a very affordable price. That is how Fun Fashions began. I have worked retail, as a cook, in manufacturing, customer service, direct sales, Avon, Princess House, Tupperware, Serendipity Styles, Pine Oak Farm, Sass & Frass.  I am happily married to my best friend and soul mate whom I have known for 38 years. We will be celebrating our 6th anniversary on June 8th. A mother to 6 and grandmother to 7 plus all the other kids that have adopted us as family. I love them all. My passions are cooking, fishing and my jewelry business.


pampered chef,TAWANA SMITH

My name is Tawana Smith and I am an Independent Pampered Chef Consultant. Pampered Chef offers a line of multi-purpose, high-quality and unique kitchen products that are time-saving kitchen tools, cookware, cutlery, cookbooks, Stoneware, pantry products and even a kids line. So basically, I have everything you need to make your kitchen a happy and pampered! Each month there are free gifts with *purchase on orders and my hostess with the mostess make bank with FREE and discounted products!  

I have been a Salty Air Open Market vendor since the summer of 2018 and do vendor events throughout the Jacksonville surrounding area such as the Jacksonville Jamboree and events at the Foundry. I also do fundraisers, bridal registries/showers, online virtual Facebook shows, catalog & and of course in-home cooking shows with live demonstrations.  As a military family we had been traveling all over the world and decided to retire here in NC. I now live in Richlands with my husband and our 3 children.  I have been a consultant since 2007, and I absolutely love my career with Pampered Chef. Life is busy, but PC has allowed me to work and travel and make my own schedule, while spending time with my family.
You can find me at: 

www.pamperedchef.biz/tdsmith https://www.facebook.com/tawanaspcbiz/


New Life Crafts and Designs, Margie & Tony Negron

Hello my name is Margie and my husbands name is Tony. Together we are New Life Crafts and Designs. We have always loved to craft and create beautiful things. So in the spring of 2017 we decided to make it a business, and New Life Crafts and Designs began its journey. We make a variety of things such as jewelry, watercolor paintings, fluid art, woodworking projects and much more. Our booth always has something new. Every week we try to put forth different and unique pieces. We pride ourselves in being able to say it is a one of a kind piece. 

In the past we have participated in the Jacksonville Farmers Market, Polynesian Fest in Jacksonville, and Liberty Festival in Holly Ridge. This year we decided to make the Salty Air Open Market our Home. We will also be at different events and fairs.

We also have an online venue where you can see some of our work at:



Our plans include opening an online store. We are also available for commissioned art, jewelry and woodworking pieces. If you have a special piece of jewelry that needs to be revamped we can help. If you’re at the beach and find sea glass or shells that you love we can make it into a wearable piece of art for you. If you need a painting in certain colors or style we are here. Just email us at mars_r@ymail.com or come out to see us so we can help.

cedar point display.jpg

your island treasure, KIM NELSON

As a native of Coastal North Carolina, I have always enjoying the beach. In 2012 my husband found a rare shard of RED Sea Glass and I wanted it created into a pendant. We couldn't find anyone to do it, so (being the determined gal that I am) I taught myself! After many compliments I decided to make more. Wow... me.... an artist? I had no idea I could enjoy anything so much! With encouragement from family and friends I started my business.

A few years ago I began creating jewelry with Beach Sand, Shells and Shark Teeth. I use a high quality jewelers' resin to set the "treasures" in Sterling Silver. The resin hardens like glass and enhances the colors. No two pieces are alike.

My son also makes delicious Sea Glass Candy. I also create Beach Pebble Art and other hand made gifts!

Bring your collection (sand, shells, sea glass, etc.) and I can transform your memories into forever TREASURES!!

You can find us online at http://www.yourislandtreasure.com as well as on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Topsail.Island.Treasures/

Smiles and sunshine!