Interested in vending at the Salty Air Open Market? We are glad you’re here! Please read our 2019 Market Vendor Rules below. If after reading, you are in agreement with what you’ve read, email our Market Manager, Joy Vunk at to apply. Please include in your correspondence your business name, description of your product(s), and your NC Sales & Use Tax ID number (If required by the state). Once Joy has had a chance to review and approve your application, you will be able to sign up and pay for the market dates of your choice.

Salty Air Open Market

2019 Season Rules

Mission Statement: Our mission is to foster an environment for families to primarily shop with our local artisans and small businesses while enjoying opportunities to eat, play and experience the outdoor beauty of our idyllic location in Cedar Point.

Saturday 9-3pm We are open to hosting themed Saturday (4-8) evening events once a month(to be announced).  This is contingent on vendors’ interest and willingness to plan the themed events.  The event will need to be approved by Management, and the Market.  The Market will then help that vendor execute the themed event.  This gives everyone a chance to host an event at the market.

Sunday 10-3pm


In an effort to retain the integrity of our market for our vendors and shoppers, if concerns arise as to the legitimacy or suitability of a vendor’s offerings, they should be brought to the Market Manager who reserves the right to review, investigate, and resolve any issues.   

Vendor Classifications: 

1. ARTISAN:  We promote, expect, and accept products that are handcrafted by the artist or craftsperson with quality materials and techniques to high standards of design and craftsmanship. Artisans of every craft are welcome.  Although some crafts may be similar, (soaps, woodworking, paintings, cups, jewelry, t-shirts), each artisan brings their own style and uniqueness to the market space.    We view this as a benefit to the market in two ways:  1. An abundance of vendors in the yard attract shoppers and 2. This allows for a greater selection of design and pricing options to our shoppers.  We value your creativity, skill and personal style as it applies to your work. Vendor’s fee for a day is $15 or $25 for the weekend.  Saturday night events are $10 for those attending just the event.  Vendors will not be allowed to drive through the market to set up for an evening event.  You will walk your wares and setup to your designated spot.

2. DIRECT SALES:  We promote direct sales representatives at the Salty Air Market.  This venue offers an opportunity for all small businesses to grow and expand. Only one representative will be allowed on the market lawn any given day.  We have a head direct sales representative for each business that will get first choice on days of attendance.  Any days they do not take advantage of, the backup representatives will be encouraged to sign up.  Our goal is to have a representative from each business every open day of the market.  A full market brings customers.  Vendor’s fee for a day is $15 or $25 for the weekend.  Saturday night events are $10 for those attending just the event.  Please be sure to use the designated DIRECT SALES options on the Vendor Payment page. Vendor will not be allowed to drive through the market to set up for an evening event.  You will walk your wares and setup to your designated spot. 

3. FOOD PRODUCER:  We expect you to offer products such as value-added products, baked goods, pickles, jams, etc. which you created in a state approved kitchen and to have a state approved kitchen inspection certificate.  You are expected to know and use safe handling procedures in making, handling, packaging, and transporting your products to ensure food safety and quality for our shoppers. 

4. COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS:  We invite and include non-profit organizations which offer a service to our community in our market. This venue offers you an opportunity to make the larger community aware of your organization and its mission. We ask that you refrain from selling any product in direct competition with our vendors.  Booth fees do not apply. 

5. FOOD TRUCK:  We welcome food trucks to our market every Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.  Your business must be licensed and permitted to sell in Town of Cedar Point. Generators must be as quiet as possible. The Salty Air Open Market does have electric for trucks.  All trash must be taken away and not stuffed into market piggy receptacles. The piggy receptacles are for customer use only.  Truck fee for a day is $25.

General Rules and Regulations

The Salty Air Open Market is composed of farmers, fishermen, food producers, artisans, direct sales, and community organizations each Saturday and Sunday to produce a vibrant, diverse market that best serves the community. The Salty Air Open Market will be open on scheduled evening events, and some holidays.

1. FEES: The fee for a single 10’ x 10’ booth space at the market is $15 a day and $25 for the weekend. The fee for a Saturday night or holiday is $10.  The fee for food trucks is $25.  Daily shelter and general store rates are $25 a day.  Payments will be made through the website via PayPal or a credit card, or to the Market Manager on preceding Saturdays for upcoming markets. Advance payment via the website is strongly encouraged.   There is no requirement that you participate in the market a certain number of times each month to remain active. 

While single vendor booths are expected, under some circumstances, no more than 2 vendors may share a booth, with the Market Manager’s approval, at the rate of $15 a business, making the day rate $30 for that tent. 

All vendors and/or their employees must be present in their booth, have an application on file, Town of Cedar Point’s peddler’s permit, and be in possession of any other applicable state or federal licenses, permits and certifications at each market.  

2. CREDIT: This is an outdoor, all-weather, rain or shine market. Vendors should assume that the market will be held every Saturday morning, even in questionable weather situations, and show up as usual.  The market will be cancelled only in the event of extreme, unsafe weather conditions or other unforeseen factors. Decisions to cancel by the Market Manager will be made in the best interest of vendors and shoppers with the best available information as early as possible. Credit for prepaid markets cancelled at any time by the Manager will be applied toward future markets. Vendors will have 5 cancellations a year.  No monetary refunds will be given in either case.  ONLY one cancellation carry over will be applicable at any given time.  This will hold vendors accountable for their committed sign up.  We understand life happens, and emergencies come up, but this policy will help hold everyone accountable for market attendance. 

3. BOOTH ASSIGNMENT: The Market Manager will assist in space setup for all market participants, taking into consideration the special needs of individual vendors, access to electricity, space rotation, and other relevant factors. The goal is to provide a map which mixes types of vendors to create a diverse and successful market experience for all vendors and shoppers alike. Permanent vendors will be placed in permanent spots to anchor the market while all other vendors will be placed throughout the venue on a weekly basis to keep the market fresh and interesting. Set up time starts at 7:30.  You will be placed on a first come, first serve basis.

4. TENTS: All vendors are required to use a 10’x10’ tent that is anchored with weights as our venue is often breezy. Market owned tents, weights and tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Any available tents, weights, and tables may be rented by artisans for $10 per day. Every vendor should provide a sign or banner with the business name, address and/or phone number in his booth. 

5. VENDOR PARKING: To allow customers the most convenient parking spaces, all vendors are asked to park in the far empty lot of the market. On market day please pull into the market to your assigned space, unload your vehicle quickly, and then park your car, setting up after it is parked off site. No cars are permitted in the vending space after 8:45 am or before market closing time. Vendors are expected to set up on time and to stay until closing. You are required to stay until 3pm each day.  We do understand emergencies happen in a day that are out of our control.  Under emergency circumstances, please come and speak to manager the day of emergency.  Certainly, emergencies are rare.  

6. GOVERNMENT REQUIREMENTS:  All vendors, except for farmers and gardeners who are only selling products which they grew, must have a NC Sales & Use Tax ID certificate. This certification is simple to obtain by visiting the state’s department of revenue website. Certificates must be prominently displayed in vendors’ booths at all times and vendors must submit a copy to the Market Manager either online or in person at the first market in which they participate. 

Also the sale of certain products requires certificates or permits issued by the state of NC or other government agencies including processed and cooked foods, dairy products, meats, potted nursery plants, and flowers. All bakers and other food producers must make their food in a state approved kitchen and must have a NC state approved kitchen certificate. Vendors are responsible for knowing of and obtaining all appropriate certifications, inspections, and permits as required by the law and they must submit a copy of such certificates to the Market Manager. Vendors must have all appropriate state and federal licenses, certificates, and permits with them at the time of sale at the market and they must be displayed in their booths if so required by the state or federal government.  

7. SMOKING and VAPING:   Vaping and smoking is not allowed inside the general market or the bathrooms, permanent or portable, as we are focused on promoting a safe and healthy environment. Vendors may smoke at the Salty Bee tables.  Remember that each booth popup represents a small business.  When customers are in your booth, please refrain from smoking or vaping.  We are promoting  professionalism and being courteous to our customers.

8. VENDOR RELATIONS & BUSINESS:  All vendors should be knowledgeable of market rules and regulations which exist to create an orderly, successful, and fun market experience for all. The market leadership trusts that vendors will abide by these rules and value their opportunity to sell their products and to educate the public by creating and maintaining an attractive booth display and by engaging shoppers in a professional, friendly manner. If disagreements or questions arise, they should be taken to the Market Manager for resolution as it takes everyone involved working together in a unified and helpful way to make our market run smoothly. 

Vendors should see their booth space as their own shop/business and create, maintain, and tend it with a great amount of care.  Booth décor, booth and product signage, and product placement and arrangement are just a few of the factors you should consider when planning your booth.  Such details can have a large impact on the success of your business. Vendors should be in their own booths, engaging with shoppers, and should not be interfering with business which is occurring in other booths.  Any concerns should be brought to the attention of the market manager.  

Each vendor is responsible for cleaning the area around his/her booth. Vendors should remove their own trash, leaving the market area clean and tidy. Vendors’ trash should not overwhelm the piggy receptacles unless you purchased it at the market.  We understand you may have new merchandise to add to your set up, please discard these items into the dumpster.  There is a cart for you to use in the back of the store, if needed.

Profanity:  There will NOT be cussing and other profanity at the market.  We are a family oriented environment.  Vendors should refrain from foul language and gestures as it is unprofessional and not necessary.  Vendors will be mindful and respectful when speaking to customers, family members, vendors, and employees.                          

Vendor’s Children:  The market is a place for family.  If you bring your children to the market, it is your responsibility to watch them.  We encourage children to play in the kid corner with supervision.  At the end of the day, please encourage your children to clean up.  Children should not play behind the market, behind the bus, and should not be running through the market’s general store.  Children should not be going into other vendors’ booths without their parent present.  Accompany young children to the restroom so you can help maintain tidy facilities.

10. THE MARKET MANAGER: will ensure that all rules are being followed and has the authority to resolve any infractions using various steps including vendor dismissal from the market if repeat offenses occur.  Any deviations must be approved by the Market Manager.